If Freedom & Democracy Loving Americans Knew What Their Tax Dollars Are Used For – Would That Cause Any Change in US Foreign Policy? (Watch Contradictory Videos)

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Israel Receives $3.8 Billion a year in US Military Aid | Do You Know where Your Tax Money Goes & What You Are Funding?

What Would happen if freedom and democracy loving Americans knew what their Tax Dollars were used to:

  1. Expand an illegal occupation,
  2. Fund perpetual oppression,
  3. Support continuous human rights violations.

Would they start demanding a US foreign Policy Change?

First, watch the video titled Israel Commits War Crimes Against Palestinians and ask yourself as a freedom and democracy loving American:

  1. Did  you know what your tax money is really used for?
  2. Are you Ok with such abuses of your generosity?

Now watch the short video of VP Kamala Harris declaring her pride and commitment to fund Israel with 38 Billion dollars of your hard earned tax  money, for the next 10 years. But Now that you do know what you money is being used,

  1.  Are You STILL OK with this?
  2. Will you want to do something it?
  3. Will you start demanding your US representative to call for a vote in Congress to: Freeze US Aid to Israel until it abides by international rule of law? 
  4. Or, will you just go back to watch your favorite sports team play?
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