Launch of Survivability Wealth Management™ – The Only Place to Mitigate Devastating Geo-Poli-Cyber™ Motivated Attacks Impacting Sovereign, Wealth, Hedge & Equity Funds & Property Portfolios.

Survivability Wealth Management™ is an MLi Group initiative and subsidiary to help Sovereign, Wealth, Hedge, Equity & Property Funds mitigate unmitigated GPC™ risks.

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MLi Group Announces the Launch of Survivability Wealth Management™ – the only place to mitigate devastating Geo-Poli-Cyber™ motivated attacks impacting Sovereign, Wealth, Hedge & Equity Funds & Property Portfolios.


– Survivability Due Diligence™, Survivability Mergers & Acquisitions™, & Geo-Political International Property Investing to serve as flagship services.

NEW YORK, LONDON, LOS ANGELES, September 14, 2021 / — MLi Group is pleased to announce the launch of Survivability Wealth Management™ to be the only place to mitigate devastating Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) motivated attacks impacting Sovereign, Wealth, Hedge, Equity, Property Funds and Portfolios and other investment vehicles worldwide.

With Survivability Due Diligence™, Survivability Mergers & Acquisitions™, and Geo-Political International Property Investing to serve as flagship services, Survivability Wealth Management™ will serve as the only place to mitigate Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) motivated attacks perpetrated by political, ideological, extremist, supremacist, ‘religious’ and terrorist hackers. Perpetrators who are equally, if not more troubling, are hackers who are directed or sponsored by national security agencies of enemies and presumed allies targeting financial and investment vehicles worldwide to undermine or coerce national and regional financial and political stability.

GPC™ attacks are already devastating nations, governments, organizations, and people’s lives and livelihoods globally and on unprecedented scales.

GPC™ unmitigated risk is escalating unabated while existing mergers & acquisitions and due diligence processes are systematically faltering in identifying and mitigating against GPC™ and many other cyber and non-cyber risks. This is causing unprecedented short term financial losses, as well as, medium to long term damaging consequences that can be mitigated but which ‘experts’ are failing to recognize and address.

Top decision makers remain unaware of the emergence of this new ‘GPC™ Threat Vector’ – one which cannot be mitigated by mere cyber security solutions and resiliency, and continuity strategies that continue being relied upon like gospel but which keep failing to defend and protect routinely, nor by misleading advice equating ransomware with terrorism.

Unlike the past, decision makers are now in a position to discover how to mitigate GPC threats and improve their final calculations on risk, yield, and ROI to start making better decisions to merge, acquire, sell, not sell, invest or divest.

On this occasion MLi Group Executive Chairman, and Survivability Wealth Management™ founder and CEO Mr. Khaled Fattal said, “Cyber-attacks are no longer exclusive to financial motivation. Targeted Geo-Poli-Cyber™ motivated attacks are not only on the rise and becoming more devastating, but they also remain unmitigated”. Fattal later emphasized, 

“Top decision makers can no longer afford to rely on what keeps failing, nor continue to follow models that conclude dangerously faulty final calculations on risks, yields, and return on investment.”  

Mr. Khaled Fattal, Survivability Wealth Management™ founder/CEO & MLi Group Chairman 

Fattal then added, “This is having dire consequences not only on the investment itself, but on entire portfolios too. To address this and because unprecedented times demand unprecedented solutions and expertise, I am excited at the launch of Survivability Wealth Management™ to provide unique, innovative, and unrivaled systematic processes and protocols.”

A major flagship service is the ‘Geo-Political International Property Investing’. It is named to describe the problem exactly for what it is. It incorporates a strategic and operational Geopolitical multidisciplinary advisory, as well as property acquisition and management services. They are especially formulated to help property fund managers and wealthy owners become more informed about their unmitigated GPC risk exposures and solutions they never considered before. Survivability Wealth Management™ can then help them better manage the wealth value and stability of their property portfolios against local, regional and international geo-political risks they are often seriously over exposed to.

“What you’ve been hearing recently about ‘treating ransomware as importantly as terrorism’ is incomplete and very misleading advice to top decision makers”.  Chairman Khaled Fattal

Fattal concluded, “Buying ransomware solutions may help against ransomware attacks that are 100% financially motivated. However, these solutions cannot mitigate nor reduce the risk exposure of non-financial cyber terrorists or GPC™ motivated attacks in any way, shape, or form—the advice is even more misleading because of some hackers use ransomware as a decoy to camouflage more sinister GPC™ motivations.”

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Private and confidential ‘No Obligation’ first briefings can now be submitted by interested parties on the Survivability Wealth Management™ website. This is made possible by MLi Group and Survivability Wealth Management™ for qualified decision makers for a very short time during the launch period

*For more detailed GPC™ definitions, risks, impact, mitigation strategies and solutions, see below.

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  • Request a “No Obligation” Briefing: To submit your Expression of Interest (EOI), click here.
  • Partnerships & Collaborations: To submit your interest or inquiry, click here.  
  • Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™): For more detail on GPC attacks, threats, risks, and extended definition, as well as how they differ significantly from financially motivated cyber-attacks, click here.
  • Coming Soon: Other distinguished MLi Group initiatives and subsidiaries to be announced soon.
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      About MLi Group.

MLi Group is the worldwide leader in the Cyber and Non-Cyber Survivability and Security threat mitigation strategies, solutions, and services. They are specially designed and created to help guide governments, businesses, and top decision makers in mitigating the latest threats—especially Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) attacks. MLi Group & its chairman Khaled Fattal have been involved in the security, stability and resiliency of the global internet infrastructure since the mid-90’s

N.B. To date, national and corporate resiliency, continuity, and cyber security strategies and solutions continue to fail in defending and mitigating alike. They remain missing critically needed new processes, protocols and solutions that only Survivability Strategies™ can factor in.

“GPC Threat Vector” risks are rising continuously and are threatening corporate security, national sovereignty and security, as well as their effective and “Competitive Survivability”. For more information, please visit MLi and its Subsidiaries’ websites.

       About Survivability Wealth Management

Survivability Wealth Management is a subsidiary of MLi Group. It was launched to help Sovereign, Wealth, Hedge & Equity Funds & Property Portfolios’ top decision makers mitigate the devastating Geo-Poli-Cyber™ motivated attacks with unrivalled and especially formulated methodologies and processes of its Survivability Due Diligence™, Survivability Mergers & Acquisitions™, and Geo-Political International Property Investing flagship services.  

Survivability Wealth Management™ can be visited at

Survivability Wealth Management™ is a trademark of the MLi Group ©All Right Reserved 2021.

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